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Three Distinct Services that Save Businesses Time and Money.

Temporary Staffing

  • Short-term on-site support
  • Competitive pricing

Temporary to Direct Hire

  • Long-term on-site support
  • Performance guarantee

Managed Work Services

  • Full-time on-site staff supervision
  • Productivity and quality guarantee
  • Tax credit forms completed with your signature


The Managed Work Services Relationship

MWSstl meets with employers to develop an understanding of what makes their business unique.  Contact with employers allows for MWSstl to understand the business’s culture, values and workflow. At every MWSstl site, a Work Site Supervisor is assigned at no cost to the employer to ensure that productivity standards are met.

Job Coach Services

A dedicated worksite Job Coach assists contract staff with the development of skills, experience and attitudes needed to be successful in the job. The Job Coach responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring contract staff performance
  • Mentoring and training staff
  • Exhibiting appropriate behaviors
  • Intervening at critical points and mediating issues
  • Meeting employers’ production targets and needs

Employers are given the first right-to-hire experienced and trained employee for permanent employment.  Once the MWSstl worker is placed in a permanent position, another MWSstl employee joins the production team.

Let us take care of your screening and recruitment, ultimately leading to reduced absenteeism and higher worker productivity. Contact Us