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Some of the satisfied Managed Work Services subscribers:

  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Cash's Scrap Metal
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Cardinal Paint
  • Schaeffer Specialized Lubricants
  • Nolan Real Estate
  • Catapult Learning (Sylvan Learning)
  • Hardee’s
  • HMS Host
  • It is not easy working with the public but Managed Work Services of St. Louis placed me with HMSHost Burger King where I learned how to deliver exceptional customer service. I have gained experience in the field of work and my work site supervisors continually gave me the insight to do well. With their guidance and constructive/positive feedback, I have developed a strong work ethic with the power to keep going to meet my long and short-term goals.

    Shawn H.
    February Employee of the Month
    Burger King East Terminal
  • Managed Work Services of St. Louis has really helped me identify and make progress towards reaching my goal of becoming a manager; Jesse, my Work Site Supervisors have been terrific in pointing me in the right direction. The teamwork between the staff and supervisors has been tremendously great.

    Kip C.
    Transitioned to Permanent Employment
    Burger King East Terminal
  • Bertha R.

    I came to the Employment Connection to attend their housekeeping program on site at the Barnes- Jewish Hospital. Everything started to happen so quickly. Within 90 days I was hired as a regular BJH housekeeper. I started orientation, May 26, 2009. I enjoyed my duties and became very comfortable with my new surroundings.  As time passed on, I had a knack for learning stuff very fast. After 10 months of my hire date, I decided to apply for the vacant housekeeper lead position. I do not know why I applied but I felt I was qualified to do the job. I completed several interviews, with my supervisors and managers, with very little insight of the results. Then, out the blue, I heard that I was promoted to the lead position on the second shift/south campus.

    I was very excited and happy at the same time. I owe a BIG thanks to Employment Connection and especially Barnes-Jewish Hospital for giving me this opportunity. 

    Bertha R.
    Barnes-Jewish Hospital