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Why Choose Us

  • Over 40 years of entry-level expertise

  • One on one case management with degreed career counselors

  • On site supervisor options available

  • Employee mediation/liaison services

  • Attracts diverse participant population base

What We Do

MWS leverages the experience of Employment Connection’s social service professionals who understand the barriers that exist for our clients. They are equipped to get participants ready to be productive employees (Work-Ready). Personal stability creates professional productivity. Social workers and licensed clinicians are involved from the outset.

Who We Help

While the Client Services Team prepares workers, the Partner Support Team ensures we design a custom staffing solution that works for your business. In addition, this team provides ongoing support to your workers for up to an additional 365 days. All of these services create the type of employee stability and productivity that you cannot get elsewhere.

Goals Met

From 2012-2019, the agency placed over 4,000 individuals into employment. In 2019, the average hourly rate for full time employees was $10.58. Employment Connection estimates nearly $10 million in average annual contributable earnings are returned to the community.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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